Investments and Advice For Life

HFM Advisors offers investment management, financial planning, and retirement planning services for individuals, families and small businesses as a fee-only service in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Financial Planning

We believe in the financial planning process; identifying goals, reviewing financial data and designing and implementing a plan to help you achieve your objectives. Our planning services are the commencement of a long-term relationship with our client.

Investment Management

Managing assets effectively is fundamental to securing your financial future and growing your wealth. As investment managers, we utilize a disciplined and consistent approach, based on decades of academically sound and tested research.

Retirement Planning

You are now responsible for your future security. The days of the guaranteed pension and lifetime health benefits are past. Whether nearing retirement or already relying on the fruits of your working years, planning ahead for retirement is crucial.


About us

HFM Advisors was founded by Dirk J. Huybrechts. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  HFM Advisors was founded to help individuals, families and small businesses understand and manage the financial decisions of everyday life. Our responsibilities at HFM Advisors are to support clients with their investment management and financial planning needs.

Our Philosophy

HFM Advisors’ mission is to provide “Advice for Life.” Our clients are motivated to secure their financial future.  Decisions made daily by individuals, families and small businesses often have financial consequences. Our goal is to enhance their knowledge, understanding and decision-making skills when faced with the financial choices of everyday life.