Financial Planning

Everyone can benefit from financial planning. Financial planning identifies your goals, determines their priority in your life, uncovers your financial vulnerabilities, reviews the suitability of your investments and focuses your resources on the completion of your goals.

Fee-only financial planning

  • An in-depth review of your financial life. Preparing a complete plan is a substantial undertaking which may include several client meetings and can typically span several months of work. At each step in preparation of the plan, we meet to discuss and develop a financial strategy as it relates to wealth management, retirement considerations, estate planning, and cash flow management.
  • The plan incorporates the priorities and values by which you live your life. We provide recommendations and action steps as a guide to achieving your goals and objectives. Our recommendations do not include the sale of financial products. Once in place, the plan is monitored, reviewed and updated to meet your changing life circumstances, as needed. Financial planning is charged on a project basis. An estimate of the cost of the plan is provided prior to engaging our services.

Hourly consultations

  • Not everyone needs a comprehensive written financial plan. For those who may require an answer to a specific question or are simply seeking a second opinion, we offer hourly consultations. Many of these issues, such as retirement plan options, debt reduction assistance, pension plan rollover and payout alternatives, education funding, etc., can be resolved with a few hours of discussion and research. This is an opportunity to explore planning or investment questions without committing to an annual retainer or fee. It is a convenient, practical approach to the resolution of many questions. Minimum rates may apply.