Investment Management

Investment management is not just for “high net worth” individuals. Managing assets effectively is crucial to growing wealth and securing your financial future.

Our custodian, Charles Schwab & Co. Inc., provides access to a multitude of institutional investments, but we have chosen Dimensional Fund Advisors as our core investment holding. Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is a leading global investment firm that has been translating academic research into investment solutions since 1981. Our philosophy of a strong belief in markets, reduced risk through diversification, utilizing portfolio structure to determine performance and minimizing investment costs is realized for our clients by using mutual funds developed by DFA.

We begin by assessing your future needs, risk tolerance and required rate of return. An analysis of your current portfolio determines if your investment choices provide adequate diversification, is within an acceptable range of risk and is constructed to meet your goals.

After a new portfolio is proposed, a written Investment Policy Statement assures that the client and investment manager have a mutual understanding of the potential rewards and risk and that their objectives are aligned. The Investment Policy Statement guides the implementation and on-going management of a portfolio.

Who benefits from Investment Management?

  • Busy and active people that prefer to delegate the duties of managing individual portfolios to a professional while retaining an overview of their investments.
  • People who feel they may not have the suitable level of knowledge necessary to develop a long term investment program.
  • Those interested in building a relationship with a manager/advisor that is not tied to a product focused solution.
  • People who are anxious about managing their own investments

What are the advantages of Investment Management?

  • Investments are chosen and managed to achieve your individual goals
  • Withdrawal strategies may be devised to minimize taxes
  • Accounts are rebalanced regularly to maintain portfolio structure and risk level
  • Investments are selected with lower expenses, thereby improving net long-term returns
  • An investment discipline is employed as a check against the impulse of market timing

What is our Investment Management philosophy?

  • Protecting your principal is paramount; minimizing expenses is a priority
  • Market timing and day trading are not appropriate strategies
  • Steady, patient growth can trump “shoot for the stars” recklessness
  • Our personal investments use the same funds as our clients

Investment Minimums

  • HFM Advisors require a minimum asset level of $200,000. Accounts may be aggregated to meet this minimum. Assets below this level will be charged a minimum annual fee.