Working with Us

As advisors, we listen more than we speak. We question, we probe, all to understand what you hope to accomplish. Some questions may prove uncomfortable, but our advice will only be useful if we have a complete understanding of the facts. We don’t judge as we listen; our purpose is to move you forward.

We seek to educate our clients, not just talk to them. It is not our intention to lecture, rather it is to direct or focus. Clients that are knowledgeable about their financial resources have a greater sense of confidence about their future.

Our aim is to have a relaxed, comfortable and supportive atmosphere for our clients that promotes communication, fosters trust and meets their ongoing financial needs. All the while conducting our work in a timely and professional manner as would be expected of a trusted financial advisor.

Getting Started

After you have had an opportunity to review our services and if you feel that HFM Advisors may be the “fit” you are looking for in a financial advisor, feel free to contact us for a complimentary and confidential initial consultation. Please call us at (310) 479-7958 or send us an email to schedule a meeting.

In order to provide a general overview of your financial situation for the initial consultation, please download and complete the Confidential Questionnaire and send it to in advance of our meeting. Save the document before sending.


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