HFM Advisors Partners

HFM Advisors delivers large-firm results through the effective use of technology and systematized processes. Our clients’ benefit from the tools and services we use because they receive the results that a larger organization provides while enjoying the personal service and individual attention of a smaller firm.


Investment Custodian

Client assets are held by a large, established institution that has been a custodian for more than 30 years. The firm is a leader in the business and has an international reputation. Client accounts at this institution are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and are insured in the event of custodian failure up to specific limits.


Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management services are coordinated directly through the custodian. Daily downloads of asset pricing and account activity facilitates the production of client reports that are current as of the previous day’s market activity. Clients receive quarterly investment reports from HFM Advisors and monthly statements from the custodian. This experienced, reputable institution assures our clients of reliable execution and reporting.


Financial Plan Modeling

Personal financial planning can benefit from technology. Our planning services use technology to analyze the success of client objectives and the integration of investment holdings in the plan. Planner and client can test various scenarios and receive instant feedback to changes in account values and scenario variables.


Investment Research

Investment research is conducted through various subscription services, web based searches and direct contact with investment fund managers. Conferences and seminars provide regular updates of investment theory and practice.