Our Clients

HFM Advisors’ mission is to provide “Advice for Life.” Many decisions made by individuals, families and small businesses during the course of a day have a financial element. Our goal is to enhance your understanding, knowledge and decision-making skills when faced with the financial choices of everyday life.

​Our clients are motivated to secure their financial future and include various ages, skills and life experiences. Many are successful in their own careers or professions but appreciate that their expertise may not extend to every aspect of life. While they understand the basic concepts of finance, they prefer the security of an objective expert’s management and guidance. Some are seeking to reap the benefits of long careers through careful transition planning. Still others, in the early stages of careers and families, hope to build a proper foundation for a comfortable life.

A variety of careers and backgrounds are represented by our clients. Included are business owners, educators, retirees, sales and marketing executives, entertainment industry support, university administrators and others. Although a few clients live outside California, most reside in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties.

Clients include:

  • Cable/entertainment company executive of web services
  • CPA with a large tax practice
  • Self-employed film and video editor
  • Medical company vice president for marketing
  • Elementary school teacher
  • University and college professors and administrators
  • Software company developer/owner